Rapid Drill EDM Machine

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Rapid Drill EDM Machine

Salient Features:

  • Parameter Changing is Allowable During Operation
  • Job Material Steel/Copper/Aluminum/Carbide
  • High-Pressure Water Pump With Filtration System
  • 3 Axis DRO with Depth Control Function
  • Tap Water is Used as Dielectric Fluid
  • Large Drilling Range 0.20-3 mm
  • Motorized Work Head Movement
  • High Drilling Speed 30~ 60mm/min
  • Very Less Power Consumption/li>
  • Electrode Dressing Facility
  • Precise Granite Table
  • Lubrication Pump
Other Specifications
Dimension of working Table (mm) 320x440 mm 400x600 mm
Travel of Working Table (mm) 250x350 mm 300x400 mm
Z Axis Travel (mm) 300+350 mm
Drilling Range (mm) 0.20-3.00 Servo Motor/0.30-3.00 Stepper Motor
Max. Machining Current (A) 30
Servo System for Z Axis DC Servo /DC Stepper
Power Supply 415/50 Hz
Machine Dimension(mm) 920x950x1750 mm 950x970x1800 mm
Machine Weight (Kg) 600 KG 800 KG
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