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  • The machine body structure adopts cast iron, the rigidity is good, not easy to be deformed, to make sure the mechanical stability.
  •  Suitable for engraving different materials such as Steel, Aluminium, brass, copper, plastic, graphite etc. applicable to different industries.
  •  Well-compatibility: Compatible software CAD/CAM, such as type3/art cam/ JD Paint/pro e/ug.etc
  •  NC STUDIO control system. This system has breakpoint memory mode a special saving mode of different points, so that can make sure continuous working after elan electronic drop or other postpone situation. This function can guarantee the processing precision of a long-time operation.
  •  Has the continue engraving function of breakpoint and break. Has the function of zero return and correct automatically.
  •  Double Fixed column, table movement design for stable working
  •  Heavy loading, non-deformation, HIWIN Taiwan make high-precision square linear guide, and ball screws for the precision of carving.
  •  Body optimized design for long service life.
  •  A high-speed water-cooling spindle of 2.25 KW, variable frequency motor, big torque, strong cutting, high-frequency, long-life, can be a long time continuous working.
  •  Auto lubrication for proper lubrication in all parts of the machine
  •  Coolant system with water nozzles for efficient workpiece cooling.
  •  Tool depth Gauge for proper depth setting.
  •  Hand wheel (MPG) for convenience working for the operator.
  •  Elegant aesthetic half closed machine body.
  •  Limit switches on X Y Z TRAVELS
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